Saturday, April 27, 2013

Back To 4 Paws

This past Thursday, Pebbles left the College of Wooster for good. We drove down to spend some time in Cincinnati, and then back up to Xenia to take Pebbles into the next stage of her life. After spending 5 months with Pebbles, she really has come a long way. Our first day with Pebbles doesn't even compare to our last. She used to travel from trash can to trash can, her nose overpowering any command that we tried to give her. 5 months later, it was a different story. While Pebbles still had her moments of weakness when there was a jar of peanut butter on the kitchen counter, she's a different dog. We couldn't be happier with the progress that she's made and can't wait to hear about the amazing things we know she's going to do someday.

We've had some ups and downs with Pebbles over the past few months, but this experience was truly an amazing one. All professors and faculty have been incredibly understanding about the work that we've been doing with Pebbles. Anytime Pebbles has been out around campus, whether it's in class, the library, Lowry, or somewhere else, we've had nothing but great responses. We just want to thank everyone that has helped us with this program and the great success that we have had.

One really awesome thing that we got to see at the facility in Xenia was Pebbles's brother, Chex. We couldn't believe how big he was! When we walked in, no one there believed that it was actually her because she's so small! We had no idea that Pebbles was so small for her litter, but she looks like the runt compared to her siblings. It's nice to know that Pebbles gets to hang out with her siblings while she's back at 4 Paws.

Pebbles has finished the chapter of her training with fostering. Now she'll move on into more specific training for her service, which hopefully will be search and rescue. Where Pebbles ends up depends on her strengths and weaknesses. If she is able to make it through her training and pass her test, then she'll be able to move on to help someone who could really use her. If she is able to pass her test, she'll have a graduation ceremony that we can go to and see how far she's come. We would love nothing more than to see her one last time to send her off to help someone.

As for next year, we're happy to report that there will be three 4 Paws dogs in training on campus in the fall! We've been able to expand and get people excited about what we're doing, which is exactly what we hoped for when starting this program last year. We'll be living in Kennedy Apartments. The school has had talk about gating off an area for the dogs to be able to socialize with one another and to do obedience work in, so we're really crossing our fingers that they can make it happen!

Also, keep a look at for fundraising for 4 Paws next semester because we can't wait to get something organized! We can't wait to get started on another semester with another dog. Thanks for all of the support!

And of course, we've included some pictures of Pebbles at the bottom!

Just a quick nom.

Colleen and Pebbles!

C'mon...she's got a pretty cute face.

Just playing in the backyard

Maddie and Pebbles!

Just a small amount of slobber...

A quick sniff.

Back at 4 Paws!



Monday, April 22, 2013

The Dog Diaper Days Are Over

So if you haven't heard the good news, Pebbles is officially diaper free--and couldn't be more excited about it. After about three weeks of a diapered life, Pebbles seems like she's back to her crazy, lovable self. She unfortunately hasn't been able to be out and about due to her diaper-situation, but hopefully she'll be around campus for the next few days! Today is also one month away from Pebbles's first birthday! This really wouldn't matter if we got to celebrate her actual birthday with her, but since she goes back to 4 Paws For Ability in Xenia, OH this Thursday, this is the big birthday benchmark that we get to celebrate with the cutest 11 month old pup in town. She got a special treat for the big day: a raw-hide free, all natural chew, made from vegetables and her favorite food of all time (besides maybe hot dogs), peanut butter. Needless to say, food is pretty much the best treat she could ever get. With the exception of all the drooling and slobber, it's tons of fun to watch Pebbles get so excited for her special surprise.

This blog post is short and sweet, because not too much has been going on in the life of Pebz since she's just been hanging out at home for a while now. We've been playing lots of hide and seek, working on obedience skills, and relaxing in front of the fan. The warm up in temperature has really gotten to her! She's been panting like crazy lately, but she loves to sit in front of the fan and wind down.

We only have a few days left with Pebbles, but if you see her around campus tomorrow or Wednesday be sure to say hi because she won't be at the Woo for very much longer! And be sure to check out of videos and pictures below of good times with the Pebz these past few weeks.

Pebbles has decided that bubbles are a fun time. Check it out!

For us, Wooster really means two things. Find out what they are here.

A 4 Paws For Wooster blog post just isn't complete without some candids of Pebbles. So here they are...

Obviously, the diapered life didn't suit Pebbles very well.

But she does love the magical fan

Waiting patiently for play time, as always.

Just texting all of her friends. You know.

Happy (Almost) Birthday to the Pebz!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Breaking...And All That Good Stuff

Sorry it's been so long since we've done a post! Things have been busy as ever around Morris House and in the life of Pebbles. For her spring break, Pebbles got to go back to Cincinnati with Maddie again. Her dachshund, Joy, wasn't too happy about it, but Pebbles LOVED having another dog around to play with. Or....try to play with. Spring break in Cincinnati didn't involve anything too exciting. Maddie and Pebbles ran around town, went to the mall, visited parks, played with Maddie's little cousins, and took nice, long walks. She also was washed for the first time at a Laundro-Mutt, aka a laundromat for dogs. Self-served dog wash means no putting Pebbles in a big tub that's too small for her, having plenty of room to get her really clean, and being able to blow-dry her coat at the end. Maddie loved it, but Pebbles wasn't too much of a fan. Then again, she's not a fan of much when it comes to cleaning her. With the exception of some minor hiccups, like jumping up onto counters (and not just her front paws, but her whole body), playing a little too rough with Joy, and having an extreme obsession with stealing Maddie's pillow and running away, Pebbles was great over break. It was relaxing for both of them, which is obviously a good thing.

Over Easter weekend Pebbles got some one on one time with Taylor and her parents (Wooster alums...who met and fell in love at Wooster, of course). Maddie and Colleen both went home for the weekend, so it was just Taylor and the Pebz holding down the fort. Taylor's parents hadn't met Pebbles before, so it was lots of fun for all of them to get that much time to hang out together.

If you haven't seen Pebbles out and about on campus lately, that's because she hasn't been! Pebbles just went into heat, which means hanging around the house for a while. It also means that she has to wear a diaper when she's out of her kennel, which she is pretty much hating. We try to get her out of her little diaper depression with Milk Bones, peanut butter, and hot dogs, but nothing seems to be working too well. All that we can really do for her is use happy voices and give her lots of love...and treats. But don't worry! She will be out and about again soon!

We also just nailed down an official date for when Pebbles will be going back to the 4 Paws For Ability facility in Xenia, OH, where she was born--Thursday April 25. When she goes back, she'll start the next part of her journey, which will lead to specialized training and hopefully end with the placement of her with someone who needs her. It's crazy to think about our time with her winding down, but we are still enjoying it while we can! So make sure you see Pebbles before she leaves because we know that she's going to miss all the friends that she has made here!

And of course, we have some pictures of her for you guys too...

Just lounging around the house. Typical afternoon for Pebz.

Enjoying one of the few days we had nice weather in Cincy!

A clean dog is a happy dog? Not so much...

So ready for spring!

If that's not self control, I don't know what is.

Diaper Depression.