Monday, April 22, 2013

The Dog Diaper Days Are Over

So if you haven't heard the good news, Pebbles is officially diaper free--and couldn't be more excited about it. After about three weeks of a diapered life, Pebbles seems like she's back to her crazy, lovable self. She unfortunately hasn't been able to be out and about due to her diaper-situation, but hopefully she'll be around campus for the next few days! Today is also one month away from Pebbles's first birthday! This really wouldn't matter if we got to celebrate her actual birthday with her, but since she goes back to 4 Paws For Ability in Xenia, OH this Thursday, this is the big birthday benchmark that we get to celebrate with the cutest 11 month old pup in town. She got a special treat for the big day: a raw-hide free, all natural chew, made from vegetables and her favorite food of all time (besides maybe hot dogs), peanut butter. Needless to say, food is pretty much the best treat she could ever get. With the exception of all the drooling and slobber, it's tons of fun to watch Pebbles get so excited for her special surprise.

This blog post is short and sweet, because not too much has been going on in the life of Pebz since she's just been hanging out at home for a while now. We've been playing lots of hide and seek, working on obedience skills, and relaxing in front of the fan. The warm up in temperature has really gotten to her! She's been panting like crazy lately, but she loves to sit in front of the fan and wind down.

We only have a few days left with Pebbles, but if you see her around campus tomorrow or Wednesday be sure to say hi because she won't be at the Woo for very much longer! And be sure to check out of videos and pictures below of good times with the Pebz these past few weeks.

Pebbles has decided that bubbles are a fun time. Check it out!

For us, Wooster really means two things. Find out what they are here.

A 4 Paws For Wooster blog post just isn't complete without some candids of Pebbles. So here they are...

Obviously, the diapered life didn't suit Pebbles very well.

But she does love the magical fan

Waiting patiently for play time, as always.

Just texting all of her friends. You know.

Happy (Almost) Birthday to the Pebz!


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