Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Week in the Life of Pebbles

This week Pebbles has been a busy pup. She took trips to Panera, the Wooster track meet, class, meetings and even a sorority house for a little stress relief. Pebbles has been loving the falling snow, but she is definitely not liking her winter booties. Without them she hates walking in the cold snow and salt, but with them she looks like a baby deer learning how to walk. I guess she'll learn to love them eventually...

As Pebbles makes more visits to the Student Center, we are realizing she is making more friends than us! She is being featured on Wooster tours and is recognized everywhere she goes. Due to Pebbles' popularity, she has been asked to make an appearence at an informational session for program houses. She seems quite excited. She has also been making more trips up to lunch and dinner with us. This has been a bit of a struggle lately because all Pebbles wants to do is eat the crumbs on the ground. It's a challenge, but shes working on her self-control.

It has been a tough past couple weeks in the greek world, so to offer some comfort, Pebbles visited a sorority for a late night petting session. At Panara she behaved very well and sat quietly like a good puppy. She has gotten very good at hide and seek and has started to outsmart us when we hide treats. It's been two months since Pebbles has stepped a paw on the Wooster campus and she has made great improvements.

Here's a video of Pebbles trying to master her new walk in boots!

Make sure you check out our pictures below too!

Loving all the snow!

Sometimes we play dress up instead of doing our homework...

Always the diva.

When Pebbles gets hungry, she always manages to let us know.


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