Sunday, February 24, 2013

Long Time No Post!

It's been a while since our last blog post! We've been so busy with Pebbles, classes, gross weather, and all kinds of stuff that we just haven't gotten around to writing up a new post. Pebbles has been busy as ever these past two weeks. We've had a lot of big sports games for Wooster and Pebbles loves to go out and support the Scots! She went to two basketball games and had a great time cheering on our team. Check out our picture below of Pebbles repping some Scot-wear!

Pebbles has pretty much become a regular member of Maddie's Language Development in Children class on Wednesdays. She has been known to distract the class just a little bit, but you can't blame a sleeping dog. She has a tendency to make loud, monster-like noises when she changes positions to get comfortable to take a little nap. For some reason, that always has to happen when the professor stops talking and is waiting for the students to answer a question. To break the tension, Pebbles steps in with her trademark sounds. Other than that little hiccup, she's getting better and better at staying calm in class. When she first went to class, it was a struggle to get her to settle in and sit in one spot for the entire time. The more and more she gets used to being in class, the faster she is able to calm down and relax throughout the whole class period.

More adventures in the life of Pebbles are dealing with this crazy weather. This past Friday, the ice was out of control. While Pebbles tried really hard not to let the ice affect her running across the drive-way, it definitely did. She attempted to run across the ice, but took a little bit of a tumble, not being used to this new ice-covered surface. But, ever persistent, that didn't stop her from getting right back up and pulling Taylor across the ice as well. While Taylor and Maddie both took some falls later on that day, luckily they were not Pebbles related.

We're continuing to work with Pebbles about getting used to being around children, because she still shows a little bit of nervousness. So if you know anyone who would want their kids to hang out with Pebbles, let us know! We're taking it all day by day and seeing her improve from week to week is greatly rewarding. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!



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  1. She is just the cutest! I miss her and you guys! Keep up the good work ladies :)